Brian is available to speak to: Brokerage Firms, Brokers Groups/ Associations, Mortgage Brokers, RE Investment Groups

Brian is available to speak to: Real Estate Attorneys, CPAs, Investor Groups, Entrepreneurial Groups, Professional Business Men and Women

Brian is available to speak to: Media Outlets, News Sources, and Publications

Topics for Keynotes & Seminars Include:

  • The 7 Hidden Due Diligence Problems You Should Know About Before Investing

  • Discover the Hidden Value in your Investment Property

  • Minimize Errors in the RE Investigation Process

  • Protect Yourself from Potential Litigation - The Due Diligence Blueprint

  • Quickly Determine Unsolvable Property Issues -Move Your Client on to Better Options

  • Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition - Learn how to Perform Due Diligence More Effectively