The Due Diligence Handbook For Commercial Real Estate

A concise, step-by-step handbook outlining the due diligence process for purchasing any commercial real estate investment. Including value-add tips and strategies, as well as sample forms, including: a due diligence checklist; a due diligence document checklist; a lease abstract form and tenant questionnaire for tenant interview purposes.

“This information will give brokers another skill set and add tremendous value for their clients. Investors are always looking for better ways and smarter team members to purchase investments with. This due diligence system helps you to become a more valuable team member.”

— Mike Lipsey, President, The Lipsey Co., International Leader in training and consulting for the CRE industry

“The book takes a step by step approach and is very comprehensive. It provides good check lists and forms, and identifies many due diligence items that most people would not think of. I run a real estate investment company and would recommend this book to anyone who is considering buying an investment property.”

— Mike Adler, President, Adler Realty Investments, Inc

Due Diligence Handbook
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The Due Diligence Audiobook



The audiobook is a great way to reinforce the information you learned reading the print version or instead of, while driving, exercising or relaxing. It’s also an excellent resource to refresh your memory whenever your preparing or getting into conducting due diligence for a property purchase.  I still listen to it while starting due diligence on a property for a client or myself, so I’m reminded of all the important points and questions, and so not forget to do specific reviews of critical issues and items. You will refer to it over and over again as a reference tool.  As I always like to say, “We need reminding as much as we need learning”. 

“Mr. Hennessey has provided a thorough overview of the items an investor should investigate. If the advice offered in this book is followed completely, even the most unsophisticated first-time buyer will appear to be a seasoned commercial acquisition expert.”

— Bruce Blumenthal, VP Acquisitions, Blue Ridge Properties

“This information will give brokers another skill set and add tremendous value for their clients. Investors are always looking for better ways and smarter team members to purchase investments with. This due diligence system helps you to become a more valuable team member.”

— Mike Lipsey, President, The Lipsey Co., International Leader in training and consulting for the CRE industry

"If you are a real estate investor, this course could save you thousands, tens of thousands, if not millions in your transaction.  Brian's Due Diligence book and checklists are my Commercial Real Estate bible and GPS.  I would not go into a commercial real estate transaction without it."

- Amada Chan, Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur

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Some of the things you will learn:

In addition, you get at the end of the book you receive:

  • A Sample Lease Abstract Form (which shows you how to fill in all the salient deal points and provisions of a lease document)
  • Due Diligence Checklist (an essential list of most all items of which you should ask a seller for when negotiating a purchase)
  • Due Diligence Document Checklist (an essential list of most all of the documents you should request from a seller when negotiating a purchase)
  • Sample Tenant Questionnaire (a sample list of questions that you should ask of tenants when conducting a tenant interview)

The fundamentals remain the same when it comes to due diligence for any of the commercial real estate genres, whether it be office or industrial properties; retail or multi-family residential. It is all relevant as well as applicable, and this information can be used to purchase any of them. It will pay for itself many, many times over. We need reminding as much as we need learning. There's just too many things to remember.

The sooner you get this information, the sooner you can start sleeping easier at night when purchasing commercial real estate investments.  Buy it now and be armed and prepared for your next commercial real estate investment purchase.

  • What to negotiate in the purchase and sale agreement so that you can maximize the opportunities for yourself
  • How to properly review leases so that you know what to look for that could be cause for concern
  • How to choose a lender or mortgage broker
  • Third party reports that a lender may require and what to look for in them
  • Tips on how to negotiate loan terms and specific provisions
  • Conducting tenant interviews and what questions to ask them (Super Powerful. Must learn or you'll miss out.)
  • Cost cutting tips and strategies that will help you add value to the property
  • What to look for when reviewing books and records and what to ask the seller for
  • A list of questions that must be addressed and answered while adjusting your financial analysis of the investment and how it will help you to more accurately assess the potential of how the numbers should work
  • How to deal with the appraiser and appraisal process to enhance the potential for the highest possible loan amount
  • How to ensure that you are getting everything you deserve when finalizing the transaction

Why should I buy this book?

This handbook was created to save investors time, money and to avoid the potential pitfalls in purchasing commercial real estate, as well as create additional value through due diligence process. If you’re an investor looking to buy a triplex, an industrial building or a shopping center; a property/asset manager helping a client to purchase properties, or a real estate broker looking to add to your skillset to help clients to invest, this information will be invaluable.

It is written in a concise pragmatic fashion as a real due diligence tool, a "step by step" system, and is not intended to be a voluminous textbook of information on the subject.  It is meant to be a reference tool or "road map" for anyone who is looking to purchase investment real estate.  It is based upon over 30 years of experience in the commercial real estate business and acquiring over 9 million square feet of properties, from private and institutional owners.

The information it contains is applicable to all commercial real estate. The fundamentals remain the same whether you’re buying apartment rental units, shopping centers or skyscrapers.  You will refer to it again and again whenever your purchasing commercial real estate investments.  We need reminding as much as we need learning.  There are just too many things to remember during the due diligence process.  Many investors keep as a constant companion when purchasing investment properties.